(Also Idun, Ithun, Idunnor)

Norse goddess of youth, fertility, and death. She was the custodian of golden apples which allowed the Aesir gods to maintain their youthfulness, and was the only god allowed to gather them, keeping them in a golden chest. Iduna was the wife of Bragi, god of poetry, and originally a member of the Vanir. She departed the fields and forests of Vanaheim to live with him in Asgard.

Iduna was abducted by Thiazi, a storm giant, who wished to have her apples solely to himself. During her absence, the Aesir began to age without the rejuvenating qualities of her apples, prompting them to press Loki into the task of rescuing her. Borrowing Freya's falcon cloak, he retrieved her from Thrymheim, transforming her into the form of a nut for the flight back. Thiazi, displeased, pursued them in the form of an eagle, but was defeated by having his wings set alight by a bonfire created by the Aesir.

Iduna is celebrated with a feast day on the Vernal Equinox.

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