Domain Eucarya
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Superclass Pisces
Class Actinopterygii
Order Siluriformes
Family Ictaluridae

Of the 30 or so families of catfishes, Ictaluridae is the only one with species native to North America.  The 7 genera and 45 species of Ictaluridae range from the well-known Channel Catfish, which can live in the brackish Chesapeake Bay, to the madtoms, which are restricted to fresh water, to the hypogean blindcats which live in deep limestone aquifiers.

  • Ameiurus (7)
    • A. brunneus (Snail Bullhead)
    • A. catus (White Catfish)
    • A. melas  (Black Bullhead)
    • A, natalis (Yellow Bullhead)
    • A. nebulosus (Brown Bullhead)
    • A. platycephalus (Flat Bullhead)
    • A. serracanthus (Spotted Bullhead)
  • Ictalurus (9)
    • I. australis
    • I. balsanus
    • I. dugesii
    • I. furcatus (Blue Catfish)
    • I. lupus (Headwater Catfish)
    • I. mexicanus
    • I. ochoterenai
    • I. pricei (Yaqui Catfish)
    • I. punctatus (Channel Catfish)
  • Noturus (23)
    • N. albater (Ozark Madtom)
    • N. balieyi (Smokey Madtom)
    • N. exilis (Slender Madtom)
    • N. flavater (Checkered Madtom)
    • N. flavipinnus (Yellowfin Madtom)
    • N. flavus (Stone Cat)
    • N. funebris (Black Madtom)
    • N. furiosus (Carolina madtom)
    • N. gilberti (Orangefin madtom)
    • N. gyrinus (Tadpole Madtom)
    • N. hildebrandi (Least madtom)
    • N. insignis (Margined madtom)
    • N. lachneri (Ouachita madtom)
    • N. leptacanthus (Speckled madtom)
    • N. miurus (Brindles madtom)
    • N. munitus (Frecklebelly madtom)
    • N. nocturnus (Freckled madtom)
    • N. phaeus (Brown madtom)
    • N. placidus (Neosho madtom)
    • N. stanauli (Pygmy madtom)
    • N. stigmosus (Northern madtom)
    • N. taylori (Caddo madtom)
    • N. trautmani (Scioto madtom)
  • Pylodictus
    • P. olivaris (Flathead Catfish)
  • Prietella
    • P. lundbergi
    • P. phreatophila (Mexican blindcat)
  • Satan
    • S. eurystomus (Widemouth blindcat)
  • Trogloglanis
    • T. pattersoni (Toothless blindcat)
Catfish Study Group - Aquarium catfish

The Catfish Family, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

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