# SC1620 Prestiege
# SC3120 J-Custom
# SC420
# SC620
# SCA220
# SCR220

The Ibanez S-Classic Series guitars were primarily made from about 1997 until 2003 but I believe they are still in production today.

Price(SC420): $550-$1200 Used to New Made in Japan
Mahogany Body
22 Frets (Pearl Inlays)
Two Humbucking Pickups V1 and V2
One Tone Pot(knob)
One Volume Pot
5-way Selector
Gibraltar High Quality Bridge Unit
Chrome Tuning Pegs

Excellent. This guitar sounds great clean and has excellent sustain. The pickups give a very warm sound and it sounds great for almost any type of music.

Very good. I haven't found any flaws in my guitar other than an easily replaced scratchy volume potentiometer which was caused by abuse. The guitar never really goes out of tune and the neck is very thin but strong, allowing for really fast play.

Excellent guitar. A steal for the price. I would recommend changing the pickups to PRS Dragon II's or something similar not because the pickups it has are poor, but because there are better and it's a fairly inexpensive upgrade. I would recommend it as a 2nd or 3rd guitar as it would probably last a long time under good care but is too valuable as a beginner guitar.

As for the specific neck feel, the Ibanez website says, "offers a feel that’s tighter than a Les Paul, but looser than a Strat" which I would agree with. It's a very thin guitar and fairly light so if you like having a more full feel rather than a lighter, quicker feel then go for a different guitar. This guitar is more recommended for rock and blues as it has a lot of that tone in it. For example, it might not be a great country guitar. I've noticed that when selecting a single pickup it either sounds too muddy or clangy, so while there is a great pickup versatility, the extremes aren't necessarily desirable.

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