I have had a song stuck in my head for the last few days. There is nothing particularly unusual about that except that I wrote this one. Actually it may seem slightly narcissistic but this happens to me quite often.

I wonder if this means that the songs I write are catchy and tuneful and that they would be destined to rocket to the top of the charts if I were to play them for anything other than my own amusement.
Actually come to think of it, considering the type of songs that usually get stuck in my head it probably means that they are twee and annoying and would be universally despised by all right minded people. ( Of course this doesnt preclude them from becoming a raging success )

I wonder does this happen to famous songwriters too? Did Burt Bacharach get raindrops keep falling on my head stuck in his head? Did the artist formerly known as prince whistle when doves cry on his way to work? Did Kurt Cobain find himself humming smells like teen spirit while standing in line at the supermarket?

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