Mike seemed genuinely anguished.
"How do you do it, you know, just break it off and walk away? "

We were sitting on the patio of an overpriced fern bar watching the happy hour crowd roll in. It was Friday night and he was supposed to be with his latest girlfriend, but had blown her off rather than face her and dump her-which is what he intended to do, sometime. He went through this painful exercise a couple of times a year:

meet the girl-ask the girl out-date the girl-get bored of the girl-try and break up with the girl-fail-date the girl another six months-have the girl break up with him -enter deep, dark depression- drink heavily-cheer up- repeat.

"I mean, I know she cares, ya know?"
I shake my head feigning interest. A short haired red head has taken up residence at a nearby table and she seems to be having serious problems with her lipstick. She squints and as she looks up I squint back-a smile, and mine in return.

"She made that quilt for me, and bought me those playoff tickets, I mean where am I going to find another woman like that? You're not listening are you? "

I grab a waiter and send over an overpriced tropical drink to the young woman in green. I look over at Mike who is waiting for my answer. I give him my most serious look and responsed thusly:

Honestly buddy, here's the deal-
One- I am not listening- I am about to go and meet Ms.RightNow.
Two- You will find another because you are resilent, I have faith in you
Three- You know my advice when it comes to leaving women, don't make me repeat it.

I left him there to cry in his two for one beer. Ms.umbrella in tall glass had just waved me over.

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