I work in an office too, like a lot of people do. Every office is different based on what the product or service needs an office staff for. In the public eye, an office used to simply keep the books and figures for a product or service that exists outside the office, which was produced in a manufacturing plant. Some services and the office are the same thing, and so there is no need for a tether. No calls to the shipyard or plant to follow up on production.

Usually, such offices produce things intangible, like car insurance or internet services. Things that we need and depend on but that are simply concepts. Most of you work in such offices.

I do not. My office is for the organization for the paperwork processed by auto collision insurance claims. And we don't do just paperwork, we oversee all steps of production and reunite car and owner. So in the world of services and products, I consider myself fortunate to be able to see a process from start to finish, to see something actually work.

We do not have numerous meetings, unless long winded conversations with the body men in the mornings counts. We do not sit at a desk or stare at a computer. We are not slung around lazily talking to a co-worker who stands leaning in our doorway, talking about what happened at the last meeting. We get dirty, hustle, and sweat.

Do not mistake me. We all have our different abilities. I just couldn't work like that.

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