As if the Ocean is in taking apart a sand castle, saying

The world awash sprinklingly with such colorful forms as
as human as they are all from within their own eyes seeing
not-the-world entirely in line instead with their own lines

As if I can be right or wrong.

Sometimes i am doting on fragments or wholes, and
(in stead inline) i would very much like to come a long
for a long walk on the tiny looping jumping threads of a rope
hanging on a wall in orange light (from the evening, The Pollution he said)
and my feet would sound across plastic bundles upward and
gradually darkening footsteps echoing & knocking hardwood
(up:across) finding the windowglass too hot (melting soles
and i loose my balance+fingers unhindered by the clarity below,
coolness rushes from tips up arm and blows or washes everything
behind - escaped - am the sky touching a million billion trillion
and watching all of them and feeling as if I had been living my entire life inside.

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