Second album from UK band Things in Herds. It's on Trust Me Records.

01. Always disappear
02. Don't put out the light
03. Too happy ...
04. Now we slide
05. Come in
06. Nothing much
07. New ending
08. Sad song 1
09. The people trap
10. I don't need a thing

I only bought the album yesterday but it's really easy to get into, unlike some other music in the low-fi genre. At the same time though, the songs are complex enough to not turn dull after a few listens - a balance rarely met.

Trying to keep this as objective as possible, "I can..." is a collection of emotional folk songs, with extra bleepy computer bits a strange cat noises. Pete's voice is beautiful, delicate and strong in the Nick Drake way. the whole album was recorder in his bedroom, true low-fi style.

The album already has a lot of reviews out there - here's just one, from COMES WITH A SMILE:

If you've ever wished Fonda 500 would stop messing about and make some real songs, Brighton's Things in Herds are what you need. By using (but not abusing) all those familiar bedroom-recording tricks - emulated strings, drum machine tracks and noises of unknown origin - whilst maintaining a subtle acoustic basis throughout, the product is as original and refreshing as you will hear all year. Giving an indication of the alternative lo-fi sound Things... produce, Sparklehorse's high-frequency sounds and Blur's experimentation with choppy chords and computer-noise influence Now We Slide and The People Trap.

But I Can Dancing..., self-produced and released on their own G-folk label, is mainly a folksy, personal record. Pete Lush's vocal intimacy is combined most effectively with melancholy on Too Happy... and Nothing Much to produce a haunting feeling fans of Mojave 3 would relish. A lighter moment emerges in the form of New Ending, an acoustic lullaby with whispery backing vocals. Sad Song 1 gives an indication of Lush's oft- troubled frame of mind - sad songs 2 and 3 obviously aren't far behind. But it is the hidden vulnerability of the closing track, I Don't Need A Thing that more accurately sums up the slowly-slowly pace Things... thrive on and that fuels this intelligent, beautiful album.
review by Chris Horkan - CWAS / Lost Harbour

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