In any darkness

I can almost see you

dressed in old clothes

I've given away

or stored in boxes

and black bags

precariously stacked

In the dimly lit library

your billion books with

carefully torn paper

marking pages important

before and once

at some point in

your life now gone

Our separate bedroom closets

emptied of every scarf,

dress, shirt, blouse, belt,

nightgown, pajamas, old gloves

all gently holding

who we once were

like an avalanche about to slide

Any time I open that door

I half expect to see you

reading or dozing under

the red wool plaid blanket

lamps blazing, a tissue box

at your side, cold coffee

I can't remember our last kiss

I can't remember our last kiss

all of our kisses
beloved little sister
I remember all of our kisses

I still love you so much

49 years with you
love, love, love
we fought
we always came back
we always

even when we were angry
even when we were hurt
even when we disagreed
even when we disapproved

we always came back
to each other

I remember all of our kisses

I think of you daily

I hope that you are in love and blessing

you are in love and blessing
in my heart

the last words we spoke

I love you anyway


for grundoon and moeyz and bookreader and sarabandegreen and everyone else

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