Do no harm.
Spread cheer.
Share the wealth.
Serve my Creator.
Make a difference.
Put first things first.
Never lie, cheat, or steal.
Accept all of my limitations.
Receive value only by creating it.
Treat others as I want to be treated.
Accept the consequences of my actions.
Give due credit to those who share my successes.
Leave the world in a better state than when I entered it.
Look upon my fellow humans with a non-judgemental eye.
Be thankful.

I will cut myself to pieces,
        each and every morning;
        and if the light of day ceases
        without enough burning
        to cauterize my wounds,
I will rearrange them myself:
        A new boogeyman
        and Dr. Frankenstein;
I will laugh myself to sleep,
I will fasten my chain,
        and prepare to repeat,
        all over again,

I will be
        between a thundering strike
               and a breath of life.

I will not resent the cruelty,
        but foster it, savagely;
I will grow it inside,
        let it be my guide;
I will volunteer my organs here and there,
        then create new ones out of thin air;
I will be a butcher and a shaman,
I will maunder like a madman;
I will chase the wrong path,
I will make my own math;
I will no longer be,
        however devir,
        who I am

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