"I Know It's Diesel" is the latest song released by Portland, Oregon based underground rapper MC Radiation. MC Radiation writes satirical verses on a wide variety of subjects, and this one is a satire at a subject not often touched on in rap music: emo kids and their lifestyle.

The song focuses on some things that are universal to emo kids (such as the line "6 foot 1, 125", and the titular Diesel Jeans while some seem to be private jokes or done for the sake of a rhyme (such as rhyming "meth lab" with "Death cab"). The song also hints at a previously unknown (to me) penchant for group sex in the indie rock world. The song also makes reference to a number of things that would only make sense to Portlanders, such as the Buffalo Exchange (Note: I have been informed that this is actually a West coast Franchise).

Despite the occasional non-sensical verses, the overall structure of the song, together with its catchy chorus, make it a fun listen. It can be downloaded from a number of places, including:

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