An album by legendary 60s record producer and songwriter Joe Meek.

Allegedly the pop world's first ever concept album (it was set on the moon), it has also been described as the world's first space rock album and ambient electronic album. At the time it was never properly officially released, but has recently been reissued in the form its creator originally intended.

"I Hear A New World" consists of all manner of sounds and various weird effects, including running water, bubbles being blown through drinking straws, half filled milk bottles being banged by spoons, the teeth of a comb drawn across the serrated edge of an ashtray, electrical circuits being shorted together, clockwork toys, the toilet being flushed, steel washers rattled together, heavy breathing phased across the microphones, vibrating cutlery, reversed tapes, and a spot of radio interference. The album also utilised an early form of stereo recording.

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