Newspaper Advert in New York Guardian, printed on the 6th of May 2013.

Yes, that's right. I fight dragons, and that's dragons with the claws and the scales and the fire breathing. And if you pay a reasonable fee, you can get rid of that troublesome dragon if you live in the New York state area. To contact me, please call REDACTED, and ask for the dragon hunter, or email me at REDACTED. Prices are 10,000 for a imperial dragon (Or Western Dragon), Asian Dragon (Or Chinese Dragon) is 30,000, and 5,000 for a Wyvern. I do not fight sea serpents.

Phonecall to REDACTED on the 12th of May 2013.
Female Voice 1 "Green & Welchett Rental Offices, how may I help you?
Male 1 "Could I get the dragon fighter service?"
Female Voice 1 "Okay, please hold."
Pause for thirty seconds.
Male 2 "Johnny Carter, I fight dragons, what's up?"
Male 1 "Uh... This isn't a prank or anything, right?"
Carter "Nope, I actually fight and kill dragons. What's your name?"
Male 1 "Simmons, you can just call me Brad."
Carter "Kay, Simmons, what's the trouble?"
Simmons "Well, I found this egg in a cave, I'm kinda into spelunking, and it sort of hatched in my apartment. It uh... broke out, and like... started to grow, and it's been killing dogs and stuff."
Carter "Ooh, how big is the critter?"
Simmons "About the size of a big guy..."
Carter "Well, Brad... Looks like I won't have to break out old Aunty, cos you got a teenager dragon. You'll be getting a discount, making it about 8,000. Sadly, horde payment ain't an option, since kiddy dragons don't gather until they're a few years old."
Simmons "Uh... This is going to be discreet, right? I don't want to end up with the whole neighborhood leveled..."
Carter "I run a proper service, Brad, this is going to be as clean as a whistle. No-one will think that anything happened."
Simmons "What exactly are you going to use for weapons?"
Carter "I'm going to be using my hunting shotgun and my 9mm pistol."
Simmons "Isn't that a little short range?"
Carter "*laughs* Despite what Call of Duty tells you, if a shotgun uses the proper ammo it can go quite far. If it was as short range as we believe, no-one would use it! And when you're dealing with dragons, you gotta think long range."
Simmons "And the pistol is for...?"
Carter "If the dragon goes in for a strafe run, you wouldn't believe how useful a pistol can be."
Simmons "Huh... Alright, then. When can you come?"
Carter "I got a few free appointments. Tuesday, Friday and next Monday are completely clean."
Simmons "Come Tuesday, I want this dealt with quickly."
Carter "You got it, buddy."
Simmons "Right, goodbye."
Carter "See ya on Tuesday!"
The phone call is ended.

Internet Video, Uploaded 14th of May, 2013. Titled "Craziest Thing Ever!"
0:00 Shot of street, most likely from window. It is night and the streetlights are on. No-one is on the street.
0:24 A man in body armor wielding a silenced shotgun steps out into the light and looks around. Next to him on the street is a pick-up truck.
0:27 He whistles.
0:36 A reptile that is two meters in length steps out of an alleyway. It appears to share the appearance of the common folklore myth of dragons, but much smaller.
0:39 The man raises his shotgun at the reptile, and the reptile takes an aggressive stance.
0:40 The man fires. The sound causes the audio to distort and whine.
0:47 The reptile reels back in pain, then charges at the man.
0:54 The man dodges out of the way and drops his shotgun as he does so. The reptile hits a wall, smashing a small hole into it.
0:57 The man takes out a pistol and fires two shots into the reptile's back. The reptile falls to the ground and begins to twist around.
1:06 As the reptile twists around in pain, the man walks over and lays a foot on the reptile's back. He fires a bullet into it's head, and it stops struggling.
1:10 The man goes to the pick-up, and using a winch mounted in the back, drags on the reptile onto the bed of the truck.
1:27 Video ends.

Video had mild popularity with most suspecting that it was in fact a covert marketing campaign for a film that would be later announced. The video's popularity died down and no marketing team claimed it to be part of their campaign.

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