"Jill, I don't understand, I know we can make this work...."

"I'm sorry Bill, really I am, but I just can't anymore. There's too much about this relationship I can't take."

Bill was clearly flustered, searching for the right words to change her mind, but she interrupted just before the first one could form.

"Bill, I-- I'm seeing robots."

Bill was immediately dumbfounded. "You're.... you're what? Seeing, like having hallucinations?"

"No, Bill. I've been going out on dates. With robots. Robots who are programmed to love and be loving and romantic." She tilted back slightly in reflection. "....soooo romantic."

"But-- but they're just-- things!!" Bill was starting to boil now. "Souless chunks of metal, they're not real. They can only act like they love you, they can't feel for you the way I do."

"Maybe. But I'll tell you what they can do." At last, her voice betrayed aggravation. "They can get out of the damn house and take me nice places." As if on cue, the door opened, and in walked a slick metallic man, a three-piece suit painted keenly onto his body.

"Ready to go, Jill?" the robot queried. Gently, he picked Jill up off the table, plugged her into a power source conveniently located on his titanium chest, and carried her away.

Forlorn, Bill simply sat and pondered the miserable truth. He slowly turned his camera towards the length of electrical cord keeping him tethered to the outlet in the middle of the wall, knowing in his heart that once she'd been with a robot, Jill could never love a fellow laptop again.


Nodeshell rescue in honour of Intentions :D

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