The sinister mega-brains have manipulated stuff so that, from a very young age, every member of technologically and conspiratorially advanced societies is inundated with fictionalised portrayals of conspiracy theories, such as 'Conspiracy Theory')', 'Cryptonomicon', the X-Files, and such things as this (though this last one is good and if I could vote I would for it).

As a result, the ultimate cover is established. Whenever an actual conspiracy may be unearthed, the announcement of its existence will be met with incredulity, as the very concept of conspiracy is inextricably bound to that of fictional entertainment, and a shallow media portrayal that treats it like a 'real life conspiracy movie', thus compounding the association of conspiracy with fiction in the minds of the audience. CONSPIRACIES WILL NEVER BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

You don't believe me do you? That's ok, because this is a self-reinforcing delusion. Examine closely your reasons for not taking me seriously.

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