GM's new hydrogen fuel cell powered prototype car, unveiled just in time for the 2002 Paris Motor Show. The Hy-wire sports a revolutionary new chassis design; since the car is completely drive-by-wire and driven by four electric motors (one in each wheel), the chassis is a mere 28 centimeters thick and resembles a skateboard. The body of the car is also unique, with vast amounts of glass providing almost total visibility and the absence of an engine compartment and a trunk making for huge amounts of interior space.

According to an article in the August, 2002 issue of Wired, the car "...will accelerate like an F-111 because its electric motors will deliver instant torque to the wheels. It will be silent. The wheels will be controlled independently, allowing the car to swivel and move sideways, doing away with the cumbersome three-point turn. And like other fuel cell cars, the AUTOnomy (GM's internal name for the project) will generate more than enough juice to power a house..."

I want one.

Pics and more info:

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