Huun-Huur-Tu is a musical group from Tuva who use the vocal techique called throat singing and play traditional Tuvan musical instruments. Their music is sometimes called cowboy music from Central Asia because Tuvans are traditionally nomadic herders and the songs are often about life on the range or the superior nature of one's horse.

From the Huun-Huur-Tu website (

Huun-Huur-Tu literally means "sun propeller." The vertical separation of light rays that often occurs just after sunrise or just before sunset. For the members of Huun-Huur-Tu, the refraction of light that produces these rays seems analogous to the "refraction" of sound that produces articulated harmonics in Tuvan throat-singing.

The group's records are available in the U.S. from Shanachie records. Some titles are:
60 Horses in My Herd
The Orphan's Lament
If I'd Been Born an Eagle
Where Young Grass Grows

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