Located in Southeastern Oakland County, Michigan, Huntington Woods is a small and close-knit city/community. It is just 1.5 square miles (tiny) in area, and houses about 2,500 homes.

Huntington Woods is known as "the city of homes" for its moral values and demographic makeup, and also "the city of trees" as every street is lined with huge trees, and almost every backyard has one or two. It was built on what was once a swamp. Huntington Woods offers an extensive array of city services to its citizens, and is known as a very desirable place to live in Michigan. It has been called "a perfect utopian microcosm", it is a place where citizens are sheltered from the harsh outside world. There is almost no crime, plants, grass, and trees everywhere, and people feel safe letting their children roam, as well as in taking walks outside after dark. A large part of the population is Jewish, leading to the affectionate nickname "Chanukah Woods". As a friend once told a non-resident: “You don’t understand, they don’t let bad things happen there”.

Quick Facts:
Founded in 1927
Bordered by the cities of Berkley, Royal Oak, and Oak Park.
Runs adjacent to famous Woodward Avenue, site of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise.

I have lived in Huntington Woods for 15 years now, and the only bad thing I can think of about Huntington Woods is the Michigan weather. (Soo Cold…)

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