HumanClick Ltd. is a small company, that as far as I can see produces a single program. Their "HumanClick" product allows visitors to "chat" with a representitive or whatnot live..

The program has two parts, first the client side. The client grabs data from a .js file, and I think settings from a perl/cgi script. It uses these to determine what status icon to put (eg. is the chat server on??). The client pulls data from the server with JavaScript as far as I can tell.

The server side of this program allows a program coded in c++, but win32 only, to connect to their service and has a popup when someone wants to chat. It lists in real time whos accessing the page, and lets you "request a chat" in which the person on the webpage will see a little man jump around (ala DHTML).

Overall this is a great idea. The program is still beta, and win32 only, but I can see it as an excellent sales tool.

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