The Hra Roku (literally "Game of the Year") award is a Czech award given to board games. Every year Hra Roku selects a game of the year, and... that's pretty much it. Hra Roku gets most of its international value in that it is only awarded to games that have been published in the Czech Republic, or at least are generally available in the country, and it is usually the case that by the time a game is widely available in the Czech Republic it has also been published in, and approved by, most of the rest of Europe. So this is a small award that (usually) identifies big games. It is sometimes confused with the Gra Roku, which is the Polish gaming award.

The Hra Roku is generally given at the Deskohraní board game festival (AKA the Central European Mind Sports Olympiad) in Prague, which has the advantage of being before the Essen Fair (AKA Internationale Spieltage SPIEL), meaning that it can be a valuable bump for a board game publisher.

Hra roku:

Their page (in Czech), is here.

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