Howard County is an "All American County" with "Civic pride and community excellence." It has a fairly high standard of living. Everything from Columbia, a "planned community" to Scaggsville are contained in it. Scaggsville is often also referred to as Rocky Gorge Estates and Laurel. It is close enough to Washington DC and Baltimore that most people work at each location.

New schools are growing at a rapid pace. There is a high demand for teachers and substitutes which has caused the allowance of anyone that is at least 18 years old and has graduated high school to become a substitute teacher.

Schools have mottos such as "Where People Are Important"-Hammond High School. The public school system says "Our mission is to ensure excellence in teaching and learning so that each student will participate responsibly in a diverse and changing world." The educational system often speaks of a Commitment to excellence. As well as the public schools it has private schools such as The Young School and Columbia Academy.

Those who do not live in Howard County often call it a "bubble world" because it gives off an appearance of being perfect. Howard County tries to make everyone perfect, peaceful, and responsible citizens. Howard County houses NSA, the National Security Agency. Howard County is truly a unique place.

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