1. Make sure your country is riddled with deep (and preferably widening) socio-economic inequalities that pit not only class against class, but also diffuse any organized movement by the lower classes by having them turn against one another. This works best in nations with a long history of racial, religious, linguistic and/or regional prejudice and segregation.

  2. Present your candidate or party as being for the interests of the common man. Make sure your figurehead is the very icon of what every common man wishes they were: wealthy and powerful, but unpretentious and still in touch with their 'roots.' It's okay if your figurehead only looksthe part; in that case, try to obscure anything like an Ivy League education or a fabulously wealthy family. Image, baby! Have him emphasize his religious faith, family, stances on traditional values, and so on. It's especially moving to the common man if he has a compelling life story: if your candidate partied a little too hard in his youth and made a few mistakes, and then turned his life around, found God and decided to run for office, so much the better. The more you make your figurehead seem like the common man's fantasy, the better.

  3. At the same time, paint your opposition as everything the common man despises. The more you make him and his suppporters seem like a bunch of wealthy arugula-munching, double mocha latte-sipping intellectuals, the better your own candidate will look. Try to obscure any genuine claim the opposition may have to better representing the common man's interests. Remember, this is politics, and it's all about the image. Use buzzwords --- the common man has been taught that he doesn't have the time to analyze the issues or think critically, thanks to the aforementioned socio-economic inequalities limiting a decent education to only the wealthy or the lucky. Don't be afraid to talk down to the public; they're pretty used to it by now.

You are now free to fuck over the country.

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