1. Shave, if necessary.
  2. Use face tapes to modify face shape.
  3. Either tweeze the eyebrows into an arched shape or conceal them.
  4. To hide and flatten the eyebrows, draw over them with brow wax then brow sealer, available at specialty cosmetics stores. When the sealer is dry, cover the eyebrow area with foundation, then loose powder. Next, draw in eyebrows wherever desired, which could be a little higher than the natural arc.
  5. With a heavy hand, apply pancake make-up or stick foundation all over the face and neck and the chest area that will be revealed. Use fingers then a sponge to blend for smooth-looking skin. Remember to cover lips and eyelids.
  6. Make up is up to personal preference and creativity. However, this is one method of focusing on defining eyes, emphasizing the lips and some of the cheeks.
    • Line the lower and upper lids with eyeliner close to the lashline. An upturn in eyeliner near the outer corner of the eyes when lining upper lids may lend a look of sophistication. After applying eyeshadow as desired, curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler, then apply a few coats of mascara. False eyelashes can also be used to give the appearance of longer lashes.
    • Using lip liner, line the lips slightly outside of the natural line then fill them in to make them appear larger. Next, apply lipstick a couple of times then blot on a tissue paper.
    • Blush! Blush the cheeks, hairline, neck, and chest.
  7. Styled hair or a wig help conceal and soften the forehead and jawline.

Feminine is as feminine does.

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