This procedure varies somewhat depending on what kind of setup the particular KFC has, but it should be basically the same. This describes the close for the cooks, not the managers, hostesses, or packers.

Almost all of the work must be done by the time the doors close or you will be there forever. Generally speaking, after the doors close(at 11PM or 1AM in my case), there is usually about 30 minutes to 1 hour of work left. Essentially, the entire kitchen must be sparkling clean and the floors have to be clean in the entire restaurant. This is the way I generally organize my close on any given day with closing time at 11PM:

The key to finishing on time is to get a good advance on chicken as soon as you start your shift at 5PM. The chicken is only good for 2 hours, so in principle you will have to cook later on no matter what, but changing the time stamps after an hour or two can fix that. It can make the difference between cooking 10 times or just once later at night. Once the supper rush is over and there is sufficient chicken, I begin my close. It's usually around 7PM by this time. First I clean the crispy chicken panning table. I soak the pieces in the chicken rinsing sink so that when I remove them I also clean the sink.

I then help the kitchen helper clean the fryers and the ovens so that he can be out of my way as soon as possible so that I can clean everything else. While we do this, it is vitally important to start soaking the chicken cages in hot water and degreaser. They must be soaked one at a time and it takes quite a while to clean them. By the time the helper is finished everything, it is more or less 10PM. At this point I have cleaned all but 1 chicken cage and have put the chicken fridge in order, stacking all the cases of chicken in chronological order in stacks of 5, washing the walls and passing the mop on the fridge floor.

I then put in all minus two of the chicken plates in the sink and soak them in degreaser and hot water. While they soak I clean the regular chicken panning table, the plate trolley, and the sauce maker. Once this is done, I take out the plates and dry them off. It is now 11PM and I am allowed to clean the sauce pots. Soaking them in water while I mop the floor in the front and the packing is the best way to go. I clean the pots and any utensils and then clean up the sink. At this point I polish everything metal in the kitchen with a bit of Windex and then I pass the mop throughout the kitchen. The time is 11:30PM and I go home.

Obviously this varies depending on how busy it is and how fast I feel like working. Sometimes I will do everything by 9PM and take a 2 hour break whereas other times I will generally do nothing until 10:30PM and rush to finish at 11:30PM. I find the second method easier since even though you rush like a madman for an hour or so, you can pull off great long breaks during the day. On one Saturday(closes at 1AM), I was able to do basically nothing other than drink free coke and sit around watching people work for around 6 hours.

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