Tonight I learned how to swing on a swing. I am one of the rare few who never learned as a child. Instead, the playground near my apartment consisted of these animals which one rode on the backs of. However, the aforementioned animals never swung high, just forwards and back. It never really occured to me that I was lacking some vital part of my childhood, but I realized it tonight.

Being mocked by friends for my inability to manouvere the swing higher than 3 feet, I tried different techniques of swinging but couldn't figure out why I wouldn't rise any higher. My friends, experts since they could walk, critiqued my style and finally figured out what I was doing wrong. For the few who never learned how to swing, I share this advice with you so you will never be caught in the same, embarassing situation ever again.

1. Starting off, with both feet on the ground, pull the swing back as far as possible, then lift your feet and pull forwards with your legs.

2. Basically, the idea is to stick your feet straight out and pull upwards on the way up, then bend your legs at the knees on the way back. I always thought it was just that, but then I learned the true way of the swing.

3. On the way up, at the peak of the swing, push your upper body forwards to gain more force upwards. Do not lean backwards, as this only impedes the height that is desired.

4. On the way down, also, do not lean backwards. Keep a straight back and pull your legs backwards with as much force as possible.

That's basically all there is to it, but I constantly made the mistake of leaning back too far, as well as not pulling forwards with my legs. Things I never learned as a kid, but at least I've made up for it now. Swinging at 2am in a deserted, unlit park beside a forest is a fun activity.

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