68 Mott St. (Between Canal St. and Bayard St.)
New York, NY 10013

Phone: (212) 226-6572

(Note: I remembered the House of Vegetarian has a second branch in New York's Chinatown -- I'll let you folks know if I ever drop by that second branch.)

The House of Vegetarian is one of my favorite restaurants that I should go to often. Well, the primary reason is the vegetarian dishes served all the time. I was fixed up with this restaurant by my mother because she's a vegetarian for religious reasons (she's a buddhist).

The dish I order is a simple platter of broccoli on rice, and a small plate of spring rolls. The dishes here are great, and you should take more time to taste the food rather than the usual "Chow down!" attitude you would use in a Chinese restaurant.

The atmosphere helps you to calm down so you shouldn't eat too much. The warm lighting in the evening makes for more appropriate setting for a cafe. Well, it works if you're just dining with one more person, but that's it. A table or two is available for groups of six but I think that's too... crowding for this place.

The dishes mentioned set me back 6 or 7 dollars -- not bad for a dinner. I usually dine out in restaurants that charge $10 or $12 for something this fulfilling for the stomach.

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