Hook-ups is an American skateboard company that designs, and manufactures skateboards, hats, shoes, t-shirts, and skate accessories. They are known by their anime influenced graphics, which mostly portray nurse girls with very large breasts.

They have their own anime character designer, but have been known to steal from mainstream anime, like Devilman.

Some of their characters are...

  • Nurse Girl Natsume: Blonde hair, huge tits, huge syringe.
  • Nurse Girl Nasty: Blonde hair, miniskirt.
  • Nurse Girl Trixy: Red hair.
  • Nurse Girl Brandi: Black hair, looks asian!!!
  • Poisontaker: Blackhair, tough, vinyl.
  • Sakura: Brown hair, school girl, drunk.
  • Suzi: Purple hair, skinny.
  • Miss Kawasaki: Teacher, huge tits.

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