Honey chicken takes 5 minutes to prepare, and about 1h-2h to cook depending on the size of your chicken. It is best served with rice, but you can also just eat it with bread. Honey chicken is very, very tasty because of its unique sauce. It is also an economical dish, great when you're cooking for a few people.



  • Pre-heat the oven to 400°F (about 200°C)
  • Prepare the chicken: Remove any filling, and sprinkle some salt and optionally mixed herbs on both sides
  • Place the chicken in the oven. (Make sure your bowl is large enough to hold the sauce later on)
  • Every 15min-20min, cover the Chicken with the juice that has collected in the bowl (optionally add some water as well)
  • After about 1h-1.5h, once the chicken is brown, cover it with a layer of honey (using a spoon works well), followed by plenty of soy sauce
  • Back in the oven with the chicken now
  • Start cooking your rice at this point, as we're almost done
  • Keep repeating step 4) for another 30min-1h, until the chicken is dark-brown.
  • OK, all done


  • 2kg chicken serves 4 people for at least 2 days
  • To serve, make sure you don't forget to add the tasty honey/soy chicken sauce to the rice.

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