The best HTML editing program in existence. Unfortunately, Homesite runs only on Windows.

Homesite is made by Allaire, the makers of Cold Fusion. In fact, Cold Fusion Studio is simply Homesite with some added CFML controls and some SQL tools.

Homesite is a neat replacement for using Notepad when composing web pages in that it's your plain, basic text editor with a sprinkling of extra features (including a semi-functional table editor and speedy shortcuts for oft-used tags). Most importantly, for the HTML purists, it highlights tags in a different colour, so you know exactly where you stand at all times, without letting your computer do most of the work thereby downsizing your own HTML skillz, right?.

This is, of course, up to version 2.5a. After that, as far as I could see, it began to get ultra-bloaty, going in the same direction of Paint Shop Pro's relationship to Adobe Photoshop by trying too hard to be Dreamweaver and failing miserably. Most definitely A Bad Thing.

Even though I do little web-design stuff these days, it's still on hand for honing them e2 nodes before they get catapulted into the electronic ether. Even if it's only for the spell-check.

But, please, remember: v2.5a.

october 2001: i notice, in my travels around internetland trying to find v2.5 that it's now been usurped by macromedia. hm. interesting.

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