Las Vegas... Known for its tacky lights, casinos, and moronic people looking to burn cash fast. Their ever-growing homeless community really should be added to that list, considering over 6,700 people posses their own sidewalk sanctuary. Now, no one really objected to this until the homeless started crapping in the streets near the only local dairy plant. And since we all know shit has a way of sprouting legs and doing mischievous things... they decided to throw the homeless people out onto the, um, uh, yeah. Out of town or something. Apparently it was a risk that the evil turds would climb up into the dairy trucks passing by, and contaminate the food.
The American Civil liberties union accused these fecies offenders of quote:
Subtly denying services and harassing the homeless to force them to leave town last Monday.
It was guaranteed by the eliminators that if help was wanted by the homeless to clean up their act, they could get it? though last year this same homeless hater could be found apologizing for accusing Salt Lake City officials of giving their homeless bus tickets to Las Vegas - and for being a jerk... he suggested rounding up the citys homeless and sending them to an abandoned prison 30 miles away. His insensitivity shone through this helpful mask once more when the smell of human waste played games with his gag reflexes. This homeless sweep is hitting not only near by the dairy plant, but all over Vegas.. sending penniless men and women to who knows where.

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