Private university in eastern Roanoke County, Virginia. All-female in the undergraduate college, but co-ed in the graduate school. Formerly known as Hollins College until a name change in 1996 to promote the grad school.

Academically, popular majors include art (both studio art and art history) and theater. Nationally renowned for its equestrian program. Other sports compete in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (NCAA Division III).

Like other all female schools in Virginia, formerly called girl schools, Hollins used to pride itself on both academic excellence and the MRS degree, which implied you went to school at one of these places to marry well. Having your horse with you (campus stable were in fact, a staple), was supposed to make the transition from Mummie and Daddie a little easier.

other Virginia, all female schools, prior to Federal (see Yankee)intervention:

Mary Baldwin College
Randolph Macon women's college
Sweet Briar College
Mary Washington College
Radford College

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