Hocus-Pocus and Frisby is the thirtieth episode of the third season of The Twilight Zone, and was first broadcast in April of 1962. It stars character actor Andy Devine as the titular Somerset Frisby, a long-winded patholigical liar working as a gas station and general store keeper in a small town somewhere around Kansas. The other characters in the show are his reluctant audience at the general store and a group of visitors who take his stories a bit too literally.

This was a fun episode, primarily driven along by the hammy performance of its lead. Other episodes have features characters who tried to lie to or deceive those around them, and some of them are quite serious. This one is more along the lines of The Whole Truth, where the liar is seen as more of a stooge than a menace. All of this avoids mentioning the main point of the story, which is that the visitors who come to see (and later abduct) Frisby are aliens, who, lacking a concept of deception, are convinced that Frisby is a paragon of all earthly sciences and skills, and feel they must preserve his intellect. (If this sounds very close to Galaxy Quest, it is because it probably is.) The irony of the episode becomes that Frisby actually is able to use his wits to outthink the aliens. This story presents Frisby as both an ignorant pathological liar, and as a clever hero. Much as Twilight Zone episodes often take different sides in the battle between the individual and society, they also can take different sides in the battle between the common and the exotic, and here, the common wins.

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