American slang for pawning an object (verb) or being pawned (usually in hock, noun). In hock could also mean being heavily in debt, and accordingly out of hock means being out of debt or not owing any money.

The source for this is allegedly the Dutch word hok, meaning prison.

Hock (?), n. [So called from Hochheim, in Germany.]

A Rhenish wine, of a light yellow color, either sparkling or still. The name is also given indiscriminately to all Rhenish wines.


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Hock, Hough (), n. [ AS. hh the heel; prob. akin to Icel. hasinn hock sinew, Dan. hasc, G. hechse, hachse, LG. hacke, D.hak; also to L. coxa hip (cf. Cuisses), Skr. kaksha armpit. &root;12. Cf. Heel.]

1. (a) The joint in the hind limb of quadrupeds between the leg and shank, or tibia and tarsus, and corresponding to the ankle in man.
(b) A piece cut by butchers, esp. in pork, from either the front or hind leg, just above the foot.

2. The popliteal space; the ham.


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Hock, v. t.

To disable by cutting the tendons of the hock; to hamstring; to hough.


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