A delicious biscuit (cookie to those in the USA) available in the UK, and produced by McVities.

Approximately the same size and shape as a digestive biscuit the Hob Nob is a roughly textured biscuit comprising 28% rolled oats. It is also curiously salty, in a similar way to a digestive biscuit.

Hob Nobs have been the subject of some diversification during the millenium period, with alterations providing us with such strains as:

  • Milk Chocolate Hob Nobs - delicious full sized Hob Nobs with a generous helping of Milk Chocolate on top
  • Dark Chocolate Hob Nobs - See above, but without dark chocolate usurping milk chocolate for a biscuit top placing
  • Hob Nob Crunch - Smaller cream filled biscuits with a central soft layer sandwiched between two delicious miniature Hob Nobs.
  • Hob Nob Bars - No information is available on Hob Nob bars, although they re believed to contain the same rolled oat goodness and chocolate of other derivatives in a bar form.
"One nibble and you're nobbled". Apparently.

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