The HKEY_CURRENT_USER key holds the settings for the current user logged on to the system. This key points to the HKEY_USERS subkey for the current user. There are several subkeys:

  • AppEvents
    The AppEvents subkey contains audio and theme settings for the desktop.

  • Control Panel
    The Control Panel subkey contains the current settings in the Windows Control Panel.

  • Install Locations MRU
    The Install Locations MRU subkey tracks the most recently used install paths.

  • Keyboard Layout
    The Keyboard Layout subkey contains the information for the current keyboard layout.

  • Network
    The Network subkey holds the information about the recent and persistent network connections.

  • RemoteAccess
    The RemoteAccess subkey contains the information about any user-defined remote access allowed, such as a network or modem.

  • Software
    The Software subkey contains software information that is unique to the user, such as Microsoft Outlook settings.
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