Village, Wiltshire England, though most people would now consider it to be a suburb of Trowbridge. Hilperton has been around has been around for a very long time, but before the recent developments were built, there wasn't very much to the place apart from a pub and a post office. Of course, the county town of Trowbridge is only a mile away, yet its own centre is still in need of much redevelopment. Hilperton now has its own marina on the Kennet and Avon canal and since then the village has had the main road bypassed as part of a recent development of 1100 new homes, known as Paxcroft Mead. Additionally a new primary school and shopping arcade has been built to supply this new area. So Hilperton probably isn't as boring as it was when I used to live there, although the environmentalists aren't very happy that another greenfield site had to be swallowed up by houses, especially when disused factory sites in central Trowbridge continue to resemble bombsites.

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