Highland Park is a Detroit neighborhood/ghetto situated near Woodward Avenue and Davison Road. In the suburbs, mentioning "Highland Park" will usually garner up looks that say "I am afraid. Please don't talk about this."

Highland Park is a pretty dead area. It is known throughout the Detroit Metro Area (TM) as the official bad part of town. Along the Woodward stretch of Highland Park, there are a few OK restaurants (mostly soul food and cheap deli meat) and (of course) White Castle. There are also some (well, many) strip clubs and open-door bars for your enjoyment. But, it isn't as bad as you think it'd be. One thing that people forget about Detroit is that people, in general, aren't out to kill you. People are generally nice to other people. You're much more likely to get yelled at by some guy in a Ford Expedition for jay-walking in a rich 'burb than it is to get mugged in Highland Park.

In actuality, Highland Park is much less brutal and obscene than many other areas of Detroit. The media, specifically local television stations, blow Highland Park out of proportion.

This is a good place to drive through at night with people who are afraid of Detroit in the car, blasting Children of Bodom with the windows down.

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