From an April, 2000 press release from HighWire:

It has been 5 years since Stanford University's HighWire Press launched a revolution in scientific publishing with the creation of JBC Online in 1995. Now virtually every life science journal, as well as journals of many other disciplines, publish online. From that beginning with JBC Online in 1995, HighWire now produces online editions of more than 180 of the most highly cited journals and has clearly set the standard for innovative, very high quality Internet publication of the world's most important scientific journals.

During this remarkable 5-year period, HighWire has published more than 600,000 articles, and more than 140,000 articles are available free to anyone with Internet access. This represents, by far, the largest archive of barrier-free, peer-reviewed life science research reports on earth and serves the world research community exceedingly well.

And so on... HighWire uses an impressive system combining Perl, Java servlets, CGI, and SQL to serve over 200 scientific journals to the world, all dynamically generated.

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