A character in the futuristic Anime series Vandread. Age 16, Bangata Pilot.
A 3rd class citizen destined to a life of building Bangata mecha parts for the elite 1st class citizens of Tarakuu to use in their ongoing conflict with the women of Mejeiru. He tells his co-workers that he can steal one of the Bangatas so he sneaks aboard the men's flagship Ikazuchi (means Thunder in Japanese) to take one. Unfortunately he is captured first by the 1st class citizens aboard the ship and then by the pirates who take the ship over. He and his fellow male prisoners learn to live with the women aboard the newly formed ship Nirvana. He even helps them fight their mutual enemies with his Bangata mech which he refers to as his partner. He finds Dita's attention and puppy like behaviour annoying but does develop feelings for her. He is motivated primarily by food and is possessed of a stubborn pride but Hibiki still manages to become accepted by most of the female pirates as a member of their crew.

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