Herri Puddar is a retelling of "Harry Potter," the only difference being that throughout the books, every instance of the letter "a" is replaced with an "e"; every instance of the letter "e" is conversely replaced with an "a." Similarly every "o" is made a "u" and every "u" an "o," every "i" a "y" and every "y" an "i." Lastly, letters "d" and "t" are switched, as are "m" and "n," and "s" and "z."

In this retelling, then, Herri is transported to the magical school of Hugwerdz, where he befriends Rumelt Waezlai and Harnyuma Gremgar, all of whom become members of the house of Griffymtur. Under the protection of headmaster Elboz Donblatura, the friends strive to destroy seven Hurcroxaz and defeat Lurt Vultanurd, and evil allies bearing Vultanurd's Terk Nerk.

To date, Herri Puddar emt dha Phyluzuphar'z Zduma (known as Herri Puddar emt dha Zurcarar'z Zduma in the U.S.) has become the fastest number one bestseller in the history of Earth.

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