I have often thought that the answer to life was right in front of us, I've thought at times "the more you own the better off you are." In part that is true, yes you’re better off living in a house as opposed to an open hovel. Yes, you’re better off with food in your stomach than not. But more often than not it seems that the answer to life’s questions is just this, "those who touch as many lives as possible, enlightening, enriching, and just in general affecting win out in the end."

Doesn't it seem that if you have everything you've ever wanted materially speaking all you need is somebody to share it with. There have been times in my life that I have had money, more money that I needed. It seems that all that I ever would want to do with that money is spend it in the company of friends and family. Dinners with friends have given me more joys than almost any one other single event in my life. Buying "Just because" presents for people, because you know that it is something that will make them smile. These are the types of things that make people happy, memories. It doesn't happen often that you have a memory of a something, without also a memory of what you did with that something with your friends.

Friends, family, and happiness are the things that I strive for. These are the things that make my life worth living. Even though I now write this almost penniless and without a group of quality individuals around me. I have my family, part of it anyways, and happiness. Everyone has heard the phrase that money makes the world turn round. Again in part this is true, however it could be better stated that knowledge and memories makes the world turn round. I’d rather know everything I can, and have the memories of great events in my past than all the money in the world.

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