Superchunk's tenth album (okay, eighth if you don't count the singles collections), released 19 September 2001. Often, it's a great deal mellower in mood than much of their previous records, and there's some ingenious synth action from Mr. McCaughan...and there are a lot - a lot - of plane crash references and mass destruction.

Normally, this wouldn't be anything worth mentioning; but when an album's released about a week after all that and you're sitting down with the record playing and one of the first lines to jump at you is about planes crashing on TV...well. It's still a fine album, and now it's a damn eerie one too.

  1. Late Century Dream (it was never better/ it was never any better/ but a nation is not soothed)
  2. Rainy Streets
  3. Phone Sex (plane crash footage on TV/ i know - i know that could be me)
  4. Florida's On Fire (sleeping in the smoke 'cause the dirt's on fire down here)
  5. Out On The Wing (here's to shutting up/ at least until the wheels are off the ground/ hum something to yourself for luck/ white knuckles and looking for the sign that says "move around".... airplanes are heavy/ ships deserve to sink)
  6. The Animal Has Left Its Shell
  7. Act Surprised
  8. Art Class (song for Yayoi Kusama)
  9. What Do You Look Forward To?
  10. Drool Collection

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