Henery Hawk is a young, brown chickenhawk, with yellow beak and legs, who, though not sure as to what a chicken looks like, is ever seeking to eat one. His voice is supplied by Mel Blanc.

Henery Hawk has his origins in the Warner Bros. Looney Toons film "The Squawkin' Hawk", directed by Chuck Jones for release on August 8, 1942, only shortly after the introduction of Bugs Bunny. Foghorn Leghorn, with whom we usually associate Henery, only came around four years later, as a guest character in "Walky Talky Hawky", directed by Robert McKimson for release on August 31, 1946. Eventually, as we now know, Foghorn Leghorn became the lead character.

Another character significant to the life of Henery Hawk is Barnyard Dawg, whom Henery Hawk would often try to eat, being mistaken about Dawg's species.

In 1973, Pepsi made a collectors' series glass featuring Henery Hawk. Now, it seems, everyone is trying to sell it.

Phrases particular to Henery Hawk include "I'm a Chicken-Hawk, and I'm gonna eat me some chickens", and "I want a chicken."

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