Patented audio sound technology developped by Robert A. Monroe and the Monroe Insitute to help individuals achieve unusual states of consciousness with the help of sounds.

Using two sligthly different sound frequencies in each ears, it is possible to influence the way the brain works and to kind of "synchronize" the two brain hemispheres. Different sound patterns can be used to obtain different effects. With the help of the Hemi-Sync sounds, it is easier to experiment different states of consciousness without the use of drugs or other control limiting means.

The Monroe Institute conducts many scientific research on the Hemi-Sync technology. This is serious stuff!

Back in his 1980s heyday, Ozzy Osbourne was accused of using Hemi-sync technology to incite violent impulses. Some teenager shot himself in the face when he was listening to Suicide Solution, so authorities became suspicious. The Institute for Bio-Acoustics Research was called in to take a look at the song in question, Suicide Solution; they claimed to have found subliminal messages along the lines of "Why try, why try? Get the gun and try it! Shoot, Shoot, Shoot", followed by a hideous laughter. The Hemi-Sync that was apparently used made the mind more process information faster, and easier, therefore making the mind more susceptible to messaging. Cool.

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