Drinking without a guilty conscience!

Heller's is the only truly (certified) organic Kölsch currently being brewed on this very planet, making it a rather special brew. Founded by a chap called Hubert Heller, this great beer is being brewed in a small microbrewery on the border of Cologne's student quarters and is being served in the brewhouse to a large crowd of happy, tipsy guests.

Recently Heller's has expanded and is now supplying its products to Cologne's best beergarden, the Volksgarten, where you can enjoy your Heller's in the sun.

It has a beautiful, malty taste with some mild sweetness and in my humble opinion should be located in the top 5 Kölschs, together with Reissdorf, Suenner, Muehlen and Sion, but that is certainly a matter of taste.

More importantly, you can take the brew home with you in a 2 L bottle or 10 L Keg and share it with your friends (or drink it alone).


HELLERS Brauhaus
Roonstr. 33
D-50674 Köln
Tel 0221 - 24 25 45

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