The Heavy Sixer is the nickname given by Atari collectors to the original Atari 2600 model which was mainly produced in 1977 in Sunnyvale, California, though some later units were constructed in Taiwan when production was moved overseas. Sears' Tele-Games series of Atari 2600 clones were also produced in the Heavy Sixer variety.

They receive the nickname "Heavy Sixer" due to the fact that there are six chrome switches on the front of the unit, and there is heavy internal RF shielding which makes it noticeably heavier than the later run of CX2600 models produced in 1978-1980. The plastic molding on the sides and front of the unit is also thicker than that of later models.

Needless to say, the Heavy Sixer is more uncommon than other Atari 2600 units and is highly sought after by collectors.

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