1991 documentary by Eleanor Coppola, wife of Francis Ford Coppola, about the filming of Apocalypse Now. The making of the Apocalypse parallels the book it's based on, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, in a really creepy way. There are problems with everything. The weather sucks -- it doesn't stop raining for months. They can't get the gear working. The actors are completely fucked up. Coppola is running out of money. That Dennis Hopper role as the drugged out cameraman -- he wasn't acting much. Marlon Brando shows up for the film months late, one hundred pounds overweight, and drinking like a fish. There's tons of facinating stuff in this film. Remember the opening scene where Martin Sheen is running around his hotel room drunk and naked, then punches out the mirror and cuts his hand? Completely improvised. The blood is real. Sheen was a total wreck for most of the filming.

If you have any interest in Apocalypse Now, you'll be completely engrossed watching this movie. I'm amazed it ever made it to theaters.

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