Holli led Frank into the DNA research room, continuing his reorientation tour. He was adjusting a little better than most of the reanimated cryo-sleepers from the early 21st century. Where most found all the changes traumatic, he seemed to take it in stride, even at times amused.

"And this is where we study DNA reconstruction," Holli said, sweeping her ginger arm around to the circular room. "This is where we try to recreate some long-lost genetic tropes to help people who've been reanimated, such as yourself, so that we can cater to all of your outdated biological needs."

"Hmm," Frank said. He looked around at all the lab workers. He fixated on one female worker who looked vaguely Asian to him. He strode over to her.

The worker was placing a plastic tube of something into another plastic tube of something, but was having some sort of difficulty. "Dr. Mozz, I'm having trouble fitting it in."

Frank chuckled. "That's what she said!"

Holli, Dr. Mozz, and Dr. Shi all looked at Frank, who was full-blown laughing.

"Yes, that's what Shi said," Holli said to Frank. He laughed even harder.

"What?" Dr. Shi said, puzzled. "Why is he so amused?"

"That’s what she said!" Frank barely managed, laughing so hard he was starting to snort. "Get it?! What she said!!"

"Yes, that’s what Shi said," Dr. Mozz said. He held out his arms, puckered up his face in confusion, and mouthed more silent words.

"What's so funny about what Shi said?" Holli asked. "She’s having trouble injecting fresh DNA into the repository."

"THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!" Frank exclaimed. He doubled over, laughing even louder.

"No, I said it!" Holli said. Now they were really confused. Men from the early 21st century were so very odd indeed.


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