Unfortunately, the redevelopment of the mudflats has never been seized upon to a great extent.

A bypass was planned many years ago, and eventually got built. However, by this time one of the towns three ports had closed, and the other had downsized quite considerably. The opportunity exists to make Bathside Bay into a Marina, and also turn the old industrial site into a retail park. In my opinion this will never happen, because Harwich is not on the way to anywhere, e.g people do not pass through, they are here to get on the boats or because they live here.

Personally, I think if a link, say bridge or tunnel, was formed to Felixstowe, then Harwich would thrive. The ports are both owned by the same company and one side could be used for passengers and one for freight.

............Shyeah, right and monkeys might fly out of my butt!

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