A student union at the University of Toronto. Given by the Massey Foundation to the students of the university in 1919, it was used in the first world war while still under construction for the training of troops. (Among other things, the theatre was used as a firing range, and members of the Group of Seven painted targets for soldiers to fire at.) Open to women since 1972, the House now hosts 31 student clubs and committees, ranging from formal debates to choirs to orchestras to chess, and has intimate athletic facilities including an odd, but beautiful, swimming pool. (It's odd because there's no gutter at the edge of the pool, as there are on most modern pools, so waves aren't damped when they hit the edges, but reflect.) The House is a large neo-Gothic structure surrounding a rectangular quadrangle at its centre, and has a Great Hall (where dinners used to be served) and many smaller rooms. Membership includes all students of the University of Toronto, and is open to faculty, staff and alumni.

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